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With a focus on a growing 3dMD customer community, 3dMD’s goal is to assure anatomic fidelity as a foundation for the physical anthropometrics underlying life science and medicine. We find it important to listen to our customers and incorporate their feedback in 3dMD’s product portfolio.

Each year numerous papers are written and scores of presentations are given by members of our global customer community on their contributions to the advancement of research, treatment, and patient care. 3dMD is proud to say that many of these papers and presentations utilize 3dMD’s anatomical images to help propel their research findings and ideas to the forefront of advancing their field!

 Whether in the form of published papers, oral conference presentations, classroom orations, or poster sessions, science is presented by some of the world’s most forward thinking research and clinical teams, and private practitioners. For these initiatives, our customers demonstrate that 3dMD’s state-of-the-art and efficient approach to documenting a patient’s anatomical information has set a foundation for helping them push the boundaries of progressing health science. Whether it is gaining a better understanding of the patient’s condition relative to their community, or exploring quantification for the refinement of innovative and improved treatment techniques, new ideas are being proposed by 3dMD customers in record time.

Year after year 3dMD continues to innovate and achieve its product objectives for its customers. We have learned over the past decade that true leadership for the long term requires excellence of execution, an astute vision, and an ability to challenge conventional industry practices. 3dMD is committed to delivering the technology needed to a community dedicated to pioneering the future.

3dMD would like to salute our customer community members for the efforts they are making in advancing science and improving patient treatment around the world!