The Evolution from Static-3D Scanning. 3dMD CEO presents at Wear 2017.

3dMD CEO Chris Lane presents the application of our temporal-3dMDbody (motion) systems to the next generation of wearable technology innovations at the Wear 2017 Conference in San Francisco, USA.

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Detailed, accurate, human shape estimation from clothed 3D scan sequences. C Zhang, S Pujades, M Black, G Pons-Moll.

Date: March 2017. Source: researchgate.net (goo.gl/scholar/d1zUSr) Abstract: We address the problem of estimating human body shape from 3D scans over time. Reliable estimation of 3D body shape is necessary for many applications including virtual try-on, health monitoring, and avatar creation for virtual reality. Scanning bodies in minimal clothing, however, presents a practical barrier to these […]

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Can 3D Body Scanning Predict Cycling Performance?

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