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On the Antiquity of Trisomy 21: Moving Towards a Quantitative Diagnosis of Down Syndrome in Historic Material Culture. John M. Starbuck

Date: 2011 Source: Journal of Contemporary Anthropology, Vol. II (2011), Iss. 1. Abstract: Down syndrome was first medically described as a separate condition from other forms of cognitive impairment in 1866. Because it took so long for Down syndrome to be recognized as a clinical entity deserving its own status, several investigators have questioned whether […]

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Automated 3-Dimensional Airway Analysis from Cone-Beam Computed Tomography Data. SA Schendel and D Hatcher

Date: March 2010. Source: Journal of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, Volume 68, Issue 3, Pages 696-701. Description: Evaluation of the airway using CT data is 3D and more precise than using traditional cephalometric radiographs but requires considerable manual manipulation of the data to achieve objective measurements. Medical CT has been used to study the airway changes […]

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Quantitative analysis of facial movement—A review of three-dimensional imaging techniques. H Popat, S Richmond , L Benedikt , D Marshall , PL Rosin.

Date: July 2009. Source: Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics. Volume 33, Issue 5 , Pages 377-383. Abstract: Objective analysis of facial movement forms an important consideration in the assessment and outcome of several medical disciplines. Technological advances in the field of medical imaging have meant techniques to measure facial movement have evolved from subjective grading […]

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3D Facial Gestures in Biometrics: from Feasibility Study to Application. L Benedikt, D Cosker, PL Rosin and D Marshall.

Date: Sept. 2008. Source: Biometrics: Theory, Applications and Systems, 2008. BTAS 2008. 2nd IEEE International Conference; pp 1-6. Abstract: The human face has been so far mainly seen as a physiological biometric and very little work has been done to exploit the idiosyncrasies of facial gestures for person identification. This study proposes a markerless method […]

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3dMD Captures ABC News Anchor Peter Jennings in 3D on ABC’s Primetime Live

Date: Thursday, January 20, 2005 at 10 pm. Source: ABC Primetime Live Excerpt from: “Peter Jennings Reporting: No Place to Hide” The segment starts with Mr Jennings getting his image captured with 3dMD’s system. His 3D image processes and is prominently displayed on the 3dMDface System, while Dr Joseph Atick gives his viewpoint on today’s […]

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3dMD Customer Arizona State University Enrolls More Than 500 Subjects for Biometrics Analysis and Authentication Research During SIGGRAPH 2004

Date: August 2004 Source: Press Announcement Headline: 3dMD Customer Arizona State University Enrolls More Than 500 Subjects for Biometrics Analysis and Authentication Research During SIGGRAPH 2004 Atlanta (13-August-2004): 3dMD, the world’s market leader in ultra-fast 3D surface imaging, today announced its customer’s success of scanning more than 500 faces at SIGGRAPH to build an extensive […]

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