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In 1999, 3dMD assisted in transitioning the health profession from taking traditional 2D photographs as a visual reference to capturing anatomically-precise 3D surface images for patient and surgical intervention assessment, objective measurement of morphological change throughout the treatment cycle, and outcomes evaluation. Today with 3dMD’s temporal-3D motion systems, research teams are now able to also assess, quantify, and measure change in a patient’s anatomical function, movement, communication, and expression.

From its early origins, 3dMD has had the task of making its technology products work seamlessly in challenging pediatric hospitals to assist with complex long-term treatment cycles such as cleft lip/palate. Focusing on one-click imaging reliability with even the most challenging patients (very young children), 3dMD also understood the importance of developing a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use, software application that could be used across a very busy, multi-discipline treatment team. Our approach to delivering highly sophisticated technologies in a dependable product package over the last 16 years has ensured that 3dMD’s imaging system and software environment will withstand the daily pressures experienced in high throughput clinics and/or practices.

The 3dMDface System was delivered to its first customer in 1999 and even though it is now on its fourth generation, many of the original first generation systems remain in daily use at customer sites around the world. We are happy to say that these systems are still actively supporting long-term research initiatives and routinely providing 3D surface images of the patient through treatment allowing the team to monitor progress. Tens of thousands of people have been documented with the 3dMD Systems throughout their treatment cycle and/or at various stages of growth. In medical as well as the dental worlds, the 3dMDface System is now considered the standard reference system for 3D anthropometric analysis. To date, it has been featured in scores of scientific publications and conference presentations around the world.

While 3dMD’s own 3dMDvultus is a powerful 3D multi-modal and analysis software platform for accurate measurement, evaluation, treatment planning, progress monitoring (surface comparison analysis), and outcomes evaluation, 3dMD has proactively worked with other software providers over the years to ensure continued integration with 3dMD. 3dMD is fully compatible with software packages such as Dolphin® 3D, Geomagic® Freeform®, Maxilim™, OnyxCeph3™, SimPlant®, SimPlant® O&O, Synthes ProPlan CMF, VoXim osteo, and others.

A few specialties utilizing 3dMD for their research initiatives include: Anaplastology, Anthropology, Biomedical Engineering, Burns, Cancer (Head & Neck; Breast), Cleft Lip/Palate, Craniofacial, Dental, Dermatology, Genetics, Maxillofacial Prosthetics, Medical Illustration, Orthodontics, Oral Maxillofacial, Neurology, Orthodontics, Otolaryngology/ENT, Pediatric, Plastics, Prosthetics, Radiology, Research, Speech Pathology, Trauma/Emergency Medicine, as well as others.